Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Secret Garden Chiang Mai: Our new leader!

We've been 15 years a lot in Asia, is the Secret Garden in Chiangmai be remembered as the best ever Guest House in memory.

But one thing at:

Approx. Located 10 km outside of Chiang Mai in the small town Bosang, this sounds only once at a disadvantage. This is a great service but by more than compensated, as we have never experienced before: We were free at any time down to the nearest taxi station (about 3km). There goes all the 5 min taxi to Chiangmai (only 15 baht). We got a Leihhandy with which we have to return from Chiangmai called briefly from the taxi stand off, 5 minutes later we were also picked up already. Service can not be better. We stayed in complete silence (from the noisy air condition our bungalow neighbors apart) and still had a quick and convenient connection to the city.

We lived in cozy bungalows right (big room with veranda, can be great on the gel├╝mmelt and an anteroom with a small kitchen, where sometimes a rainy day can endure well) on a large, beautifully landscaped park-like grounds. A small children's playground and a pool (and a pool table, table football, rabbit and dog) provided for the fact that it is also our daughter was not boring.

A children's home is under construction, unfortunately, our daughter could not profit from it.

In the garden in front of our bungalow, there was a small pavilion where you could sit down or could not use the Internet computers available there. Wireless internet is available for free on the whole site in a good speed.
Another highlight is the cooking of Pai, which we in the cozy "restaurant" from the Secret Garden every night probably in the form of fresh Thai cuisine to enjoy, at absolutely fair prices. You can also cook for cooking, "look in the pot", or upon request.

Thanks to Peter, Pai and Isabelle and the staff team, so familiar, we felt taken on our trips to Asia before.

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