Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Drake:In the heart of Chicago

My room at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago was easily the best hotel room in which I have stayed. It was huge ... it had a lot of windows and was very regal. The staff were great, the hotel was beautiful. And as for the price (considering the prices in downtown Chicago) offered a real value for money. Highly recommend it to anyone ... it also belongs to the network of the Hiltons, which is why I had ever chosen first.

Stayed here for my birthday weekend and was at the time back in the Old Chicago! Great "High Tea Service" and an unbeatable view of the lake, if you have a room on the side of the hotel. Although he is already looking at his age, can still be found in every corner of charm and history. A pleasant change from all the other tourist hotels. When you are there, you should be the 96th Floor of the Hancock Tower, go where there are great cocktails and a look as it is only here.

With so many great restaurants in Chicago, I'm really no reason why you should stay at the Drake. Our room was old, worn furniture, the shower did not work properly and the carpet had seen better days. As we drove back, the taxi driver told us that most of the other guests the same report on the Drake. We had fun in Chicago. Next time we will research more and book a nicer, newer and cleaner hotel.

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