Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Millennium: the most central hotel which is also very popular among the Scots

Millennium Hotel Glasgow
Situated next to a train station (Queens Street) and on a very nice place (George Square). Gives a more central hotel, I do not believe it. The airport bus stops outside the door. The single room was a large double room. The carpet, the chairs and the windows, there is indeed considered the age, but the room was tip top and above all very quiet. In the morning I woke up and smelled the fragrance of delicious pancakes, the chef has prepared a nice fresh in the stairwell. On the way to breakfast, I could then, enjoy two of them. During my stay at the Millennium are entire clans descended and I could get on their tour bus in the morning to see, all in their traditional kilts. The hotel is so popular with the locals too much. I would definitely check into the Millennium Hotel in Glasgow again. Glasgow itself is a mix of London, Edinburgh, Rome and an industrial town. You should have seen absolutely the cemetery! Necropolis. I have never seen a more beautiful and it is worth to go all the way up, because from there you have a great view over the whole of Glasgow.
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