Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ARIA Resort & Casino: Unbelievable!

entrance with a waterfall

Who wants to experience luxury is certainly in good hands. It starts with the fact that one has not even open the car door even when you pull up with a rental car. The rental car disappears against a small fee in the garage. The luggage is moved discreetly into the lobby and at the reception there is her best "work off" the flood of Hotel guest. That was really the only one where you could say: oh well! The staff could certainly be a little more in this area.

the way to the room can get very far. The hotel is big, no it is very large. Well remember with what lift you have to go up to what level. You can get lost for real. Really. And then the room. Obliged the room opens to the magnetic card. You enter the room, the lights go on, the curtain rises, the lights will slowly dim again, the air conditioning goes on quietly, the TV comes on and welcomes the guest, and then view the madness ........ !

The beds were the best places I've ever slept on.

The breakfast is excellent. Whether choice, quality, diversity, etc. However, the atmosphere in our view is quite sterile.
Oh, and if you want to have your rental car, simply go to the black-robed men, drop off your list and wait in the air-conditioned lounge. After the latest 5 minutes they are back in your air-conditioned vehicle.

By the way: You do not close the door to.

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