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Hotel Monteleone: great location

Hotel Monteleone

This hotel has an unstudied, not stiff elegance. In harmony with its location As other reviewers have said, it is in the French Quarter on Rue Royal, one block from Bourbon Street. We heard no drunken revelers in the streets of our room, but we could hear faint music of the calliope Riverboat from time to time (but not during normal sleep). The concierge and front desk staff were very friendly and helpful.

The rooms may be small in comparison with some seemed modern hotel room, but they are not too small for the era and the style of the hotel. If space is what you bring to bear in this hotel caution, the huge Marriott or the Sheraton could close more your cup of tea.

My sister and I stayed for 5 nights in a room with two double beds in the 14th Stock. We have a wonderful view of the river. Our room was clean and tastefully decorated, with comfortable beds, a large bedside table, desk and chair and an armchair. The wardrobe was equipped with a TV, drawers, a safe, a cube fridge and a bucket with ice and glasses. In the closet, there was a real hanger (wood, standard hook), two plush bathrobes and two folding luggage rack. There was also a neat coffee maker in the room (and real 800 & 800, not powder), so we have good coffee in the morning.

The bathroom was small, but perfectly adequate for two women and all our marine equipment, although it would be desirable with an extra shelf under the sink. Hairdryer - a real, was not normal whiny Eumelus device also attached to the wall - hung in a velveteen bag on the bathroom door. Shower rod was one of those bent, so that the shower is not as close as it sometimes not. I wanted that. Towels here, but that was fixed with a call to the housekeeping

Carousel Bar is a novelty - at least for me. Unlike the revolving doors of restaurants with a view, it is the only bar I know that you simply order the bartender. We'd never look at a place on carousel itself, but we have very comfortable leather chairs wing chairs along the windows on the Rue Royale. A second bar at the back of the room looked comfortable, too. The advantage is that when the room begins to spin there, you can be sure, drunk your fault instead of the ground beneath you.

I usually avoid hotel restaurant food, especially in such a great city like New Orleans to eat. It does not take away from the food in the restaurant in the Monteleone restrained. Neither my sister and I felt like we were on a great meal had missed something when we ate dinner there one night. The breakfast was excellent, unreliable cookies, delicious coffee, perfect eggs. My side dish of porridge was the best I ever had. Who knew one cereal, sharpen slightly raised?

I have been in top 5 hotels in / near the French Quarter. I hope I have the opportunity to stay at the Monteleone again.

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  1. I have stayed in many hotels of different countries. I'm a sort of footloose so I love traveling. That's a very interesting article and thank you for sharing your experience of staying at Monteleone hotel.

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